Who Am I?

I started out as a scientist in the biomedical field but changed my career by going to the Vakschool Schoonhoven to become a goldsmith. After a few years of making jewellery, I entered the Fine Arts department of the Rietveld Academy where I graduated in 2011.

In my work I am strongly influenced by my surroundings. My studio is filled with tools and materials from the different techniques I have used over the years, and found objects picked up from the street or saved from the trash bin. Many of these end up in my work, either directly or as an inspirational tool.

The driving force of my work is my curiosity to explore. While experimenting with materials and techniques I search for new possibilities, often combining the traditional with the non- traditional.
In recent years I have mainly been working with porcelain, in combination with both precious metals and coarse found objects.

My work is a representation of our relationship with our surroundings. It investigates why we value certain objects and discard others and how this reflects on our personal life. I am interested in the role of recognition and memory versus the allure of a shiny or delicate surface, often triggering a primal response of wanting to touch or own a certain object.

I connect these ideas in the objects I make and thus aim to trigger the curiosity of the viewer. I hope to elicit a humorous or emotional response while inspiring to investigate the basis of their own personal values.


Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academie (2006-2011)
Goldsmith, ROC Schoonhoven (1998-2002)
Postdoctoral Fellow Leukemia Foundation, Dana Farber Cancer Institute-Harvard Medical School (1987-1989)
PhD student Immunology, Utrecht University (1985-1987)
MSc Dentistry, Universiteit Utrecht (1979-1985)


Open AteliersWestelijke Eilanden (2017)
‘I’m not sure love is an excuse for everything’, pop-up gallery, Realengracht Amsterdam (2016)
Open Ateliers Westelijke Eilanden (2015)
Open Ateliers Westelijke Eilanden (2014)
Open Ateliers Westelijke Eilanden (2013)
Gerrit Rietveld Academie / Graduation Show (2011)
Klein, Maar Fijn, groepsexpositie Galerie Zofier, Heereveen, (2011)
First we take Manhattan / DOGtime 4 group show / Basisburo Amsterdam (2009)
Open Ateliers Driebergen, works by Jannemieke Versteegen and Annette Tjho (2006)
Open Ateliers Driebergen, works by Jannemieke Versteegen and Marjolijn Oude Vrielink (2005)
Works exhibited by ‘Artis Causa”, Schoonhoven (2005-2006))
Works exhibited by “Jumelle’ Bunnik, (2003-2004)